Introduction to Modules

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    Welcome to the Homework Help Educator Learning Course!

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    Our Guiding Question:


    How might Homework Help be used to support math learning inside and outside of the classroom?


    Our Goals:


    During your learning journey, you will:

      • Explore Homework Help and the free digital resources available 

      • Create lessons and activities that utilize Homework Help to support student math learning and engagement 

      • Utilize Homework Help in your school by facilitating student registration and incorporating Homework Help resources in the math program

      • Ask questions, document, curate, contribute to and reflect on and apply new knowledge to personal and collaborative learning processes


    How this course will work:


    The modules of this course will be presented in a three-part lesson format:

      1. Minds On: The Minds On activity will get you thinking about the concept to be presented.

      2. Action: The Action activity will get you thinking and doing! 

      3. Consolidation: The Consolidation activity will allow you to document, ask questions, reflect and consider future practices by contributing to a discussion page.  We also encourage you to read, comment and contribute to the learning of your peers. 


    Let’s Get Started!


    Start by introducing yourself by posting in the Introduction Discussion Board!

      • Who are you?

      • Where/what are you teaching?

      • Have you used Homework Help in the past? If so, how have you used it?

      • What intrigued you to take this course?

      • What do you hope to learn?

      • How can we best support you?

      • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?

      • What social media do you use for your Professional Learning Network? (and what is your Twitter handle?)


    In addition, read through the introductions of your peers and comment where you feel a connection.


    Let’s begin making our community now!