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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting one of our creative online Grade 2 games: Gobi Gear Getter.


In this game, players visit a desert location and develop their knowledge of Quantity Relationships by representing, comparing, and ordering whole numbers to 100, including money amounts to 100 cents, using a variety of tools.


[Game Sound]: Welcome to the desert, Eco-Adventurer!


Players must purchase gear for researchers who are learning about scorpions in the Gobi Desert. Players buy the supplies online, ship the items, and make sure they are delivered to the correct location.


[Game Sound]: Our researchers need a tent.

[Game Sound]: Tap and drag to order the gear from least to most expensive.

[Game Sound]: Then tap done.


In the first stage, players decide which supplies to purchase by ordering the supplies from either least to most expensive, or most to least expensive. A correct response allows players to make their purchase.


[Game Sound]: Great ordering! Now select the gear you'd like to purchase.


If the response is incorrect, hints are provided to aid the player.


[Game Sound]: Hmm... That's not quite right.

[Game Sound]: Use the number line to help you re-order the gear.


In the second stage, players combine a variety of stamps to equal the required postage fee for shipping the gear.


[Game Sound]: This is how much it will cost to ship the parcel.

[Game Sound]: Tap and drag to add stamps.


In the final stage, players must select and insert the correct amount of money into a tourist binocular machine using the fewest number of coins.


[Game Sound]: Tap and drag coins into the Drop Viewer.

[Game Sound]: Use the fewest amount of coins you can!

[Game Sound]: Tap Activate when done.


Looking through the binoculars, players will navigate a drone to deliver the package to the proper location.


[Game Sound]: Guide the drone to the landing pad.

[Game Sound]: Tap the left side of the screen to steer left. Tap the right side of the screen to steer right.

[Game Sound]: Ready

[Game Sound]: Set

[Game Sound]: Go!

[Game Sound]: Watch out for the gusts of wind!

[Game Sound]: Bullseye!


By the end of the game, players should be able to represent, compare, and order whole numbers to 100, including money amounts to 100 cents, using

a variety of tools.


Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario. Go Gettem!


[Game Sound]: Let's get back to the clubhouse!