Unlocking the Keys to Physical Literacy overview

Version 5

    Board: Upper Canada District School Board (UPDSB)


    Educators: Roxanne Backes, Rodney Benton, Sarah Dooley, and Trevor Thompson.


    Plan: To investigate the seven stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and research methods and best practices to enhance our teaching practice and enhance the physical literacy of their students.


    Action: Attend OPHEA and the Canadian Sport for Life Conferences to research components of Physical Literacy within the LTAD, create posters about Fundamental Movement Skills to assist in teaching students, develop a Physical Literacy Assessment tool to establish the level of students, and present project finding during the At our Family of Schools meeting to meet with other schools to enhance their Physical Education programs.


    Reflect: Over the course of the year, students became familiar with the concept of Fundamental Movement Skills and developed and understanding for importance of being Physically Literate. However, it was clear that Physical Literacy was a continuum and that the path an individual takes to becoming Physical Literate varies from individual to individual.