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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting the Grade 3-6 Game World.


mPower 3-6 takes place in Ontario. The object of the game is for players to complete math and STEM challenges in order to earn resources they will use to build their own Ontario town. All Math and STEM Challenges connect to the big ideas in the Ontario Math and Science Curriculum. 


Players start the game by creating their own customized avatar.  This avatar is the player’s character that  they can directly control inside the game.  To personalize their experience, players can customize their avatar by selecting hair colour and skin tone as well as choose from a variety of clothing or costume. At anytime players are able to change the look of their avatar.


After creating their avatar, players arrive in their Ontario town and are prompted to give their town a name.  After naming their town, players meet B.B. and Dre, two of the many characters players will meet while they play mPower. B.B. and Dre will introduce players to the game and lead players through a tutorial that will have them build their town’s Welcome Centre. 


mPower characters represent the diverse cultures that make up the province of Ontario. Many of the characters challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Each character has a profile which includes interests and occupation such as a web designer or veterinarian.


Players are given a smart device named AIDA (Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistant), who  offers helpful hints to help complete math challenges.


Each math game has 4 tiers of play. These tiers align with specific grade level curriculum. Completing a tier ‘unlocks’ the next tier in the game. Whether player are in grade 3 or 6, all players start at the first tier. Educators are able to stop players from advancing to higher tiers through the teacher’s dashboard under the Manage Students tab. 


When players complete a challenge, a new character will show up in their town and present them with a new challenge.


Players earn resources by playing the math and STEM games. Each game rewards players with a different kind of resource. Each resource is used to add new elements to their town such as buildings or decorations.


Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario.

Until next time, mPower!