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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting one of our creative online Grade 5 STEM Design Challenges.


In this game, players learn about how forces act on strong and stable structures as they build a playground. They develop their knowledge of Science and Social Studies, specifically, Forces Acting on Structures and The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship, by building a safe playscape for the children in their town.


Players apply what they learned about angles when planning a playscape design. They learn how a force acts on a structure and how one can take action to address a community need.


Players are presented with a variety of building blocks, each with a build value that adds points to their score. With points in mind, players construct a fun path by dragging building blocks onto the playscape.


[Game Sound]:  Drag a piece to the playground to add it.


[Game Sound]: Tap the Test Design button to see if kids can cross the playground!


Building blocks can be removed by dragging them off the playscape. Clicking the Trash button clears all pieces from the play area. Point value and the limit on the number of parts used encourages thoughtful design planning.



[Game Sound]: Pirate ship playground success! You've built a strong and stable structure for kids to play on! Prepare for fun on the high seas!


After players complete this STEM Design Challenge, they are invited to save their bridge in My Gallery.  They are prompted to give their design a title and write a short reflection.  Players may comment on what they did well, what challenged them, and what they would do differently next time or what they learned.


Players are then presented with the STEM Maker Challenge, Park Perk-up! and are challenged to design and build an original model play structure. This offers an opportunity for players to apply problem solving, creativity, and innovation to a hands on challenge! 


By the end of the game, students should be able to:

  • apply knowledge of angles when planning a playscape design;
  • understand how a force acts on a structure; and
  • understand how one can take action to address a community need.


Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario.

Until next time, mPower!

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