Makerspaces - Module 14 (Green Screen)

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Green Screen


Minds On:

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What is a green screen? How does it work?


Watch this video to learn how:


On Mobile: YouTube Link


What kind of implications do you think using a green screen could have on your students' motivation and engagement? How many different ways can you think of using green screen technology across the curriculum? Add to the Discussion by clicking here.


Let’s Explore!


buy-1297592_640.pngClick on the shopping list icon for a list of materials you will need.




There are many different ways you can explore green screen technology. First of all, you need a green screen! You don’t have to buy expensive equipment to get started - our current green screen is a set of green table cloths I purchased from Dollarama (look at the minds on photo). Fluorescent green bristol board also works.


Secondly, you need a camera - an iPad, iPod, or (cellular) devices all will work. 

Thirdly, you need some software that will transform the green screen background.

One free iOs app available for download is Veescope. (There is a free and a paid version of this app - begin with the free version)



Another free app with green screen capability worth exploring is TouchCast. It is available on Android and iOs.




A third free app with green screen capabilities that my son adores is Stikbot Studio. It is also available on Android and iOs. The stikbot app is used to create stop still animation videos using their “stikbots”. You can buy a package that has two stikbots and a green screen stage for around $29.99 However, since the app is free, you should be able to use any type of figure you want - and use bristol board,

or a green screen image on your computer  as your backdrop.












Lessons from the expert at our house on how to use the Stikbot app:



On Mobile: YouTube Link




On Mobile: YouTube Link


(Please excuse mom if she sounds a little impatient :} This video took us over an hour to do . But a good lesson learned for both of us, nonetheless.)



If you are able to go with a paid app, one of the best our school has tried is Doink Green Screen ($3.99)





Take a picture of a project you created, or post a sample movie to module fourteen’s discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify, extend or use this experience for learners in the classroom? What might you like to try next?


Click here to add to the Discussion on Green Screen. We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment/contribute where you feel a connection.


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