Savanna Trail Tracker Video Transcript

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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting one of our creative online Grade 2 games: Savanna Trail Tracker.


In this game, players visit a grassland location and develop their knowledge of Attributes, Units, and Measurement Sense by estimating, measuring, and recording the length, time and mass of an object, using a variety of standard units.


Players track a mystery animal in the savanna and complete 3 different types of measurements to learn more about the animal.


First players must use a ruler to measure and identify the correct paw print.


If the response is incorrect, hints are provided to aid the player.


[Game Sound]: We need to find the prints that are 7 units long.


[Game Sound]: Fantastic field work! Those prints are 7 units long.


[Game Sound]: Lets get to the jeep!


Next the player must set the time of arrival on an analog or digital clock. Hints are provided to aid the player, if needed.


[Game Sound]: Thats not the location of the last sighting, we need to travel down the trail until its 5:00.


[Game Sound]: Thats not going to take us to the right site.


[Game Sound]: Try using the digital clock. We need to travel until its 5:00.


Once the animal is revealed, players must investigate the animal’s diet by weighing the food it eats using a virtual balance scale. Players must combine weights to determine the weight of the food. Once more, hints are provided to aid the player if the response is incorrect.


[Game Sound]: Find out how much the food weighs by balancing the scale.


[Game Sound]: Add or take away weights to balance the scale.


By the end of the game, students should be able to estimate, measure, and record the length, time and mass of an object, using a variety of standard units.


Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario.


Have fun!