Timberland Tally Video Transcript

Version 4

    Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting one of our creative online Grade 2 games: Timberland Tally.


    In this game, players visit a forest location and develop their knowledge of Quantity Relationships by representing and comparing whole numbers to 100, using a variety of tools.


    Players compare quantities represented in base-10 blocks and numerals to identify greater than and less than.


    Players select their response by tapping on one of the quantities. If correct, players see a checkmark on top of the correct response.


    If the response is incorrect, numerous hints are provided to aid the player.


    [Game Sound]: Think of it this way instead! 95 is greater than 45.


    [Game Sound]: Lets try another one!


    In the last stage, students place a greater than (>) or a less than (<) symbol between the two quantities.


    [Game Sound]: Wonderful work!


    By the end of the game, students should be able to represent and compare whole numbers to 100, using a variety of tools.


    Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario.


    Catch you later!