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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting one of our creative online Grade 1 games: The More or Less Clinic.


In this game, players visit a medical clinic and develop their knowledge of Quantity Relationships by comparing whole numbers to 50, using a variety of tools.


Players find a number in a scene that is greater than or less than an anchor number provided by the ticket machine.


Players select their response by tapping one of the numbers in the scene. If correct, players see a checkmark on top of the number sentence, with the greater than (>) or less than (<) symbol included.


[Game Sound]: Terrific! You stretched your brain!

[Game Sound]: 98 is greater than 88.


If the response is incorrect, hints are provided to aid the player.


[Game Sound]: Mistakes help you learn. You can do it!


One of the special features of the game is the ability for players to tap the “Help” button and see the numbers in the scene represented in 10 frames. This allows students to compare the two quantities using a 10-frame strategy.


By the end of the game, students should be able to compare whole numbers to 50, using a variety of tools.


Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario. Stay healthy