Getting Started with mPower

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We're glad you're here. The following document will help you as you begin your journey using mPower in your classroom.


1. Getting Oriented with the mPower Community


To begin your journey, watch the following video which will highlight all the features of this community and how you can use it to enhance your mPower experience.



2. Register for an mPower Educator Account


The following document How to Register will guide you through how to register for an mPower educator account.



3. Manage your Students on mPower


To add students to mPower so that they can play the game, follow the steps in the Managing Students document.



4. How to play the games


image showing where to click for Play Student Games Educators can play the mPower games by logging into the mPower Educator Portal. Once logged in, there is a "Play Student Games" button on the top right corner which will bring you to a page where you can select the game you want to play. Once you have selected the game, you will automatically be launched into the mPower student portal where you will be able to play the selected game using your account. Your game plays will be tracked with the player name "Your First Name, Your last Initial" (e.g. Jane D).



Student Portal.PNGStudents can play the mPower games by logging into through the mPower Student Portal. Students log in with the username and password assigned to them by their teacher from the Educator Portal. Once logged in, students will have access to the games.









Screen Shot of multimedia resources pageFor How-To-Videos and PDFs of the various games available on mPower, please visit the Multimedia Resources page.










5. Instructional Ideas & Resources


A wonderful resource to begin your mPower experience is the mPower Educator's Guide. This provides an introduction to mPower, overview of the mPower games, curricular connections, and a glossary of mPower terminology.


The Classroom Resources Folder is also a great place to visit to find planning documents, letters, and lessons. Including


image of classroom resources folder button




6. How to access your students' assessment information


cover of Growing success document

mPower is an assessment-driven series of games based on the Ministry of Education policy document, Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools. The games incorporate “assessment for” and “assessment as” learning strategies in all games from Kindergarten to Grade 6. To access your students' assessment information, refer to the following document Assessment Reports which will walk you through the various reports on mPower.


For further information about assessments, please also review the mPower Educator's Guide (p.7-9).





7. FAQs from your colleagues in the mPower community


For a list of frequently asked questions along with responses, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions document.



8. Join the mPower Community Discussion



image of tile that leads to the community discussion pageWe welcome you to join the Community Discussions area to share your ideas, best practices and connect with other educators in our community. You can start by Introducing yourself to others using mPower.






For a complete downloadable step-by-step How To Guide for mPower click HERE.