Makerspaces - Module 8 (Building with Cardboard)

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    Building with Cardboard


    Minds On: Think about it! How can we use cardboard to enhance the learning experience of our students? Watch the video below and add your thoughts to the Minds On Discussion.


    Video Link Via: Discovery Channel


    Let's Explore: What can you do with cardboard? Watch the videos below to find out!


    On Mobile: YouTube Link



    On Mobile: YouTube Link


    What can you build? Use one of these videos or tutorials to help you get started or create something entirely on your own!



    On Mobile: YouTube Link



    On Mobile: YouTube Link


    Click here for Dropbox Instructions for a DIY Cardboard Nightstand.


    Consolidation: Take a picture of one of a project you created and post it to module eight's discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify or use this experience for learners in the classroom? What might you like to try next?


    Click here to add to the Discussion on building with cardboard.


    We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment/contribute where you feel a connection.


    Additional Resources and Links:


    Global Cardboard Challenge:

    Low Impact Living: A Guide to Cardboard Furniture:

    Teacher Replaces Toys with Cardboard Boxes:




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