Makerspaces - Module 7 (Roblox - A Minecraft Alternative)

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Minds On: Taking a Look at a Minecraft Alternative



On Mobile: YouTube Link


Read Common Sense Media's post comparing Minecraft to Roblox.


Think about it: What are the advantages and disadvantages to using Roblox over Minecraft? How might we leverage the use of Roblox to our students’ advantage? Add your voice to the Discussion.


Let's Explore: Download the Roblox Player. Check out the tutorial linked here for step-by-step instructions.


Roblox has two different functions: a building platform and a playing platform. The playing platform can be accessed online on any device with no download. The building platform must be downloaded to your PC.

Get to know Roblox by watching some basic building video tutorials before trying to create something of your own.

(I'm still trying to get to know Roblox - the first tutorial is the best one I found that explains clearly and simply how to build in this environment. I am a slow learner when it comes to Roblox!)

On Mobile: YouTube Link

Building Tutorial from Roblox's YouTube Channel:

On Mobile: YouTube Link

You can also check out Roblox University for more "how-to" tutorials.

Consolidation: Take a picture (optional: record a screen cast - O-matic) is a good, free and online resource for screencasts that showcases your creation. Post your picture to the discussion and reflect on your experience. What did you like about Roblox? What might you have to be proactive about when using Roblox with students? How could you use this in your classroom to motivate and engage students? How could Roblox be use to engage and motivate students in different curricular areas?

Add to the Discussion on Roblox.

We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment and contribute where you feel a connection.

Additional Resources and Links:


Roblox University - Building Tutorials

Roblox uses in the Classroom - Link


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