Makerspaces on the Spot and on a Dime (Course Outline)

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Makerspaces on the Spot and on a Dime


Our Goals:


During our makerspace journey, we will:

  • explore what a makerspace is and create our own visions to support teaching practices
  • explore the pedagogies behind using makerspaces in the classroom
  • tinker with low-cost tools we could quickly incorporate into our own makerspaces
  • ask questions, document, curate, contribute to and reflect on and apply new knowledge to personal and collaborative learning processes


How this course will work:


Most of the modules will be presented in a three-part lesson format.

Modules 1 and 16 are for everyone to complete.

Modules 2-9 are our summer exploratory modules that allowed you to tinker and play with some of the activities you could use right away in your makerspace. If you haven't had a chance to explore these modules, you still have the opportunity to do so.

New this autumn and the focus for October are Modules 10-15.

Modules 10-12 will be available for exploration October 17th; modules 13-15 will open on October 24th. The choice of which  exploratory modules you’d like to get messy with is entirely yours. (We suggest you try a few, but you certainly could do more if you like!)

At any point in the process if you’d like to contribute to the course blog roll, please feel free.


Each Module will be organized into 3 areas:


1. Minds On: The Minds On activity will get you thinking about the concept to be presented.


2. Let's Explore: The Let’s Explore activity will get you actively thinking and doing!


3. Consolidation: The Consolidation activity will allow you to document, ask questions, reflect and consider future practices by contributing to a discussion page.  We also encourage you to read, comment and contribute to the learning of your peers. As George Couros often states: “The smartest person in the room, is the room!”


The final module will “bring it all together”. We will ask that  you contribute to the group blog roll with your final reflections. (We will show you how -- don’t worry.) Some modules will include a Shopping List of items you may need to purchase in order to complete an activity. (Your shopping list can be accessed here) This list will also identify where you can find these items at a low cost. An Additional Resource page will also be included should you wish to continue or extend your journey.


At any time during the course, you can always navigate to the Makerspaces on the Spot and on a Dime main page by clicking on this button:


click here to return to main course page


Albert, from TeachOntario has created a variety of tutorials to help you learn your way around.  Check the Ask Albert page.