Makerspaces - Module 1 (Let's Get Started)

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Exploring Makerspaces, Pedagogies and the Curriculum


Welcome and Introductions:


About Me: I'm a teacher librarian with the Peel District School Board. I have taught and supported classrooms across the K-8 spectrum.

While pursuing a M.Ed with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, (expected completion date April 2017) I re-discovered a sense of joy, and accomplishment (I can do this!) for all things making and makerspaces.


It is my goal to uncover how we can use the constructivist/constructionist mindset to re-engage our students’ creativity and re-ignite their motivations and passions for learning in ways that matter to them most. In the attempt to become a Jill of all trades, I am quick to realize I am master of none (and that is OK!).

Like most in this world, I am merely mucking about trying to make sense of it all. But oh, what fun I am having. (Although our school custodian might tell a different story - making is messy!)

Our Learning Goals:

During our makerspace journey, we will:

  • explore what a makerspace is and create our own visions to support teaching practices
  • explore the pedagogies behind using makerspaces in the classroom
  • tinker with low-cost tools we could quickly incorporate into our own makerspaces
  • ask questions, document, curate, contribute to, reflect on and apply new knowledge to personal and collaborative learning processes


About You:


Please take a moment to tell us a little about yourself and post it to the Discussion.

  • Who are you?
  • Where/what are you teaching?
  • What intrigued you to take this course?
  • What do you hope to learn?
  • How do you hope to use this learning?
  • How can we best support you?
  • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?
  • What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?)


In addition, read through the introductions of your peers and comment where you feel a connection. Let’s begin making our community now!


To see the incredible introduction discussion from the Summer Course, please click here.


Minds On: What is a Makerspace? Take a few moments and explore a current makerspace in action.


On Mobile: YouTube Link


Our School Makerspace:


It is important to note that no two makerspaces will look the same, as makerspaces are designed to support the passions and needs of our varied student populations. From personal experience, you will find your space to be much more rewarding for your students if you keep this in mind - I used to constantly compare our space to others. To be honest, I wasted time when I should have been channelling  my energy to support the learning of my own students, and not to compare their learning to those of others. Personalizing the space to meet your students’ passions and interests will make the space successful, not the flashy gadgets you put inside it.


This is a tour of our makerspace early on in the process (around the Christmas holiday, judging by the Christmas tree). Our makerspace will never be “finished” as we will continue to add to our  space according to the needs and interests of our students. Click on the link below to watch the video!


On Mobile: YouTube Link


Let’s Explore: What does the maker movement mean for the future of education?



On Mobile: YouTube Link


For a more detailed pedagogical background behind making, Papert and constructionism watch Gary Stager’s TEDx talk.


Let’s Explore: What does making mean for the delivery of curriculum? Read a few of the linked articles below:



future of education


The Maker Movement Connects to the Classroom

Professional Development Considerations for Makerspace Leaders, Part One: Addressing “What?” and “Why?”

(This article is only one in a three-part series. Access your Professional Library Resources should you wish to read parts two and three)

Alternative Assessments and Feedback in the MakerEd Classroom

What Does Assessment look like in Makerspaces?








Peruse a few of the additional resources in the “Additional Resources” section. What resonates with you about makerspaces, making and their role in education?


Add to module one’s discussion by choosing a copyright free image, or create an infographic using to represent your thinking. Explain how your image/infographic illustrates your learning, or vision of what or how you’d like to incorporate making in your space.



We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment/contribute where you feel a connection.

Click through to add your voice to the Discussion.


Additional Resources and Links:


Peter Skillen’s Construction Zone           

Makerspace for Education           

Diana Rendina’s Renovated Learning Site

Laura Fleming’s Worlds of Learning

Colleen Graves: Create + Collaborate Innovate

STEM Curriculum Resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer

MakerEd Resource Library

Meaningful Making

Anthony Chuter:  Assessment in Makerspaces

The Virtual Makerspace


Invent to Learn: Guide to Fun

Invent to Learn Guide to Making in the K-3 Classroom


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