Makerspaces - Module 5 (Coding)

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    Make Coding an Essential Part of the Classroom


    On Mobile: YouTube Link


    Minds On: How can we use coding to make a difference for our students? Join the Discussion here!


    The video below was one of my first real, sustained effort in learning how to code. I soon discovered that I needed help (enter my son). Watch below to see the full video of us coding together!

    On Mobile: YouTube Link

    Let's Explore Coding: There are many different free sites that provide students with opportunities to learn how to code.

    Here are a few for you to explore (click the links below to visit each website):

    Microsoft’s Hour of Code

    Code Monkey

    Made with Code

    Code Combat (Used in the Minds On)



    Hopscotch (Ipad App)

    MIT App Inventor (for creating Android Apps)

    Note: Why haven't I included Scratch or Scratch Jr? Well, Scratch is a world unto itself. In a two-week introductory course on makerspaces, I don't feel we could give it the justice it deserves. However, we have included links how Scratch relates to the curriculum and examples (thanks TDSB!) in the additional resources below.


    Consolidation: Take a screenshot or record a screencast that demonstrates your thinking process during this experience. Post a picture or screenshot to the discussion and reflect on your experience. How many 21st century skills and competencies are involved in coding? What did you discover about yourself as a learner? What could you discover about your students? How could you use this in your classroom to motivate and engage students?


    Add to the Discussion on Coding.

    Check the additional resources links for further ideas to show how coding can link to the curriculum.
    We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment and contribute where you feel a connection.

    Additional Resources

    Integrating Coding into the Curriculum

    Introduction to Coding in the Elementary Grades

    Coding in the Elementary Grades

    Programming Course for Elementary

    BC Government Adds Coding to the Curriculum

    Touch Develop - making apps.



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