Teachers are Expert Learners: EdCamp Methods in School

Version 2

    Session Description:


    Two Principals chronicle the creation of EdCampSWO that reached over 500 participants in 2016.  Using learning stories Principal Cowper (GECDSB) and Principal Moore (LKDSB) share the work of the EdCampSWO team starting in 2011.  The work on EdCamp has lead both of them to utilize the tenets of EdCamp as a methodology for the learning work of school staff meetings.  Interested in starting an EdCamp movement in your neck of the woods?  Want to approach learner based learning at your staff meetings?  Use this approach to give you the qualitative data you need to articulate the school's learning journey. Work with Principal Moore and Principal Cowper to turn agenda filling and top down initiative overload with the time to do the work teachers say they need.