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Minds On:

The Six-Word Memoir Project began as a project of SMITH Magazine in November 2006. Since then, it has found its way Into classrooms and boardrooms across the world.  The essence of the six-word memoir is to tell a story in six words to summarize thinking, and to extend and build conversations. Use six words to describe your experiences or reaction to one the images you see below.



Let’s Explore Why use finger knitting in the classroom?



-Few resources required, much easier to grasp

-Low threshold high ceiling applications

-Cross curricular connections

-Constructivist paradigm (actively constructing knowledge in social settings)

-Beginning Makerspace exploration

-Precursor to knitting with needles

-Links to  Coding



Shopping List for Finger Knitting



Yarn (chunkier looks better in my opinion) and your fingers! You can purchase yarn at many dollar stores. Walmart or the bargain bin at Michaels are other good options. Remember to use the weekly coupon at Michaels for an additional discount on full price items.  Teachers can also show their OCT card and receive 15% off regularly purchased items (although not in conjunction with the weekly Michaels discount coupon).


Sample Projects to Explore (or create your own)





M3: Consolidation



Take a picture of one of a project you created and post it to your blog. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify/use this experience for learners in the classroom? How else might finger knitting be use to support special needs in the classroom?

We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment/contribute where you feel a connection.