Makerspaces - Module 4 (Duct Tape)

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    The Many Applications of Duct Tape in the Classroom


    Minds On: In your life experience, how many different ways have you seen or used duct tape? What is the most creative use of this versatile material that you've seen to solve a problem? Add an image to this Google Draw page to create a visual collage or post your thoughts to the Discussion.



    Let's Explore: Duct Tape Creations


    Visit the Duck Tape Brand website for ideas on what you can create with duct tape!


    Alternatively, choose one of the videos below or find another to inspire creating your own designs.


    On Mobile: YouTube Link



    On Mobile: YouTube Link



    To View: YouTube Link



    On Mobile: YouTube Link


    Consolidation: Take a picture or screenshot of one of the projects you created and post it to the module four discussion. Describe your experience. What did you like or find difficult about this experience? How would you modify or use this experience for learners in the classroom? How can you extend this learning to meet multiple curriculum expectations?


    Add to the Discussion on Duct-Tape.


    We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment and contribute where you feel a connection.


    Some additional resources and links:


    Forty Easy DIY Duct Tape Crafts: Big DIY Ideas

    Tape It And Make It: Amazon
    Octane Creative Duct Tape Curriculum: Brainstorming and Creative Thinking Ideas from the Duct Tape Guys

    Government of British Columbia Curriculum Guide: Duct Tape Wallets



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