Makerspaces - Module 3 (LEGO)

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Using LEGO in the Classroom


On Mobile: YouTube Link


Minds On: Think about it: What are some 21st century skill and competencies our students can build while building with Lego? Post your thoughts in the Discussion.


Shopping List: LEGO


For this module’s activities, you will only need six Duplo bricks. Two bricks should be a variation of the same shade (the Lego Foundation uses two shades of blue), and the other four should be completely different colours.


I'm fortunate enough to have some old Duplo bricks lying around (although it took me a half hour to find them). Ask friends and neighbours before buying LEGO in general as most of us have some kicking around and might be willing to donate! Another alternative is visiting second hand shops and thrift stores, which sell LEGO at a fraction of the retail cost!


Let's Explore: Building Lego with Chrome


You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to begin having your students create with Lego. For primary grades, it's as simple as exploring what you can do with only six bricks!



On Mobile: YouTube Link


On Mobile: Vimeo Link

On Mobile: YouTube Link

Here are some sample building activities with six bricks:


You can also build with LEGO for free online with Build with Chrome. This program allows people of all ages to master their LEGO skills and learn construction essentials. The website also houses a Build Academy that takes new users through the basic steps through a series of challenges.



On Mobile: YouTube Link


Go ahead! Explore building with six bricks and/or Build with Chrome!


Consolidation: Take a picture or screenshot of one of the projects you created and post it to the discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify or use this experience for learners in the classroom? How can it be used to stimulate and engage learners across the curriculum?


Add to the Discussion on Building with Lego.


We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment and contribute where you feel a connection.

Some additional resources and links:


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