RETIRED - TEST Course Itinerary

Version 5

    How this course will work:


    Most of the modules will be presented in a three part lesson format.


    Modules 1, 2 and 11 are mandatory. You choose the exploratory modules you’d like to complete (Modules 3-10) to complete (or complete them all if you like!). We suggest completing three or four.


    Each Module Consists of Three Parts

    The Minds On activity will get you thinking about the concept to be presented.

    The Let’s Explore activity will get you actively thinking and doing!

    The Consolidation activity will allow you to document, ask questions, reflect and consider future practices through a personal blog. We also encourage you to read, comment and contribute to the learning of your peers. As George Couros often states: “The smartest person in the room, is the room!”

    Some modules will include a Shopping List of items you may need to purchase in order to complete an activity. (A general dollar store makerspace shopping guide can be accessed here) This list will also identify where you can find these items at a low cost. An Additional Resource page will also be included should you wish to continue or extend your journey.


    Here are the modules:



    Module 1: Introductions and Learning Goals

    Module 2: Exploring Makerspaces and Pedagogies


    Exploratory Modules:

    Module 3: Finger Knitting

    Module 4: Lego

    Module 5: Duct Tape

    Module 6: Coding

    Module 7: 3D Design

    Module 8: (Free) Minecraft Alternatives

    Module 9: Construction with Cardboard

    Module 10: Squishy Circuits



    Module 11: Bringing it All Together - A Culmination of Learning