More or Less Clinic Centre (Grade 1)

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At this centre, you will be exploring how mPower can be used in teacher facilitated small group instruction.


Minds On: Analyze the mPower class assessment report provided. How might this report be used to form your teacher facilitated small groups?


Action: Start by exploring at least one of the activities:




Medical Clinic (Grade 1) Materials needed:

• Number cards

• Ten frames


1. Find a partner. 

2. Each person chooses a number card from the pile.

3. Build your number using ten frames. 

4. Which person has the GREATER number? Explain your thinking.

5. If you can explain your thinking you get a sticker on your sticker card.

6. Follow up or start with the Medical clinic game


Timberland Trek (Grade 2) Materials needed:

• Greater than, less than cards

• Base ten blocks

• Place value mats


1. Find a partner.

2. Each partner takes a greater than or less than card. 

3. Without letting your partner see, try to create a number using the base ten blocks.

4. When both partners are ready, reveal your blocks and see if you were able to match your card. (i.e. Does your blocks show “more” than your partner?)

5. If it matches you get a point. 

6. First partner to get to 5 wins!

7. Follow up or start with the Timberland Trek game


Consolidation: Use the 3-part lesson template provided to generate a lesson with “Timberland Trek” or “Medical Clinic” as part of the Minds On, Action, or Consolidation


Kinder Small Group Task Card

Grade 1 Small Group Task Card

Grade 2 Small Group Task Card


K-2 Class Completion Report

mPower 3-Part Lesson Guidelines and Template

mPower 3-Part Lesson Guidelines and Templates