Geo Garden & Tundra Trek Centres (Gr. 1 & 2)

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At this centre, you will be exploring how mPower can be used as a centre/provocation.


Minds On: Prep/Tape a piece of chart paper on the wall with a sample picture from the mPower game - for example a shape constructed with the virtual geoboards. Use the words or images - “Look - what do you see?”  “What do you wonder about?” “ Look what our friends made...can you add to it” etc…


Action: Start by exploring at least one of the activities:


Park (Grade 1)

Materials needed:

• Shape card
 • play dough

• Dot paper

• Toy flowers/animals


1. Choose a shape card from the pile.

2. Create a garden or an island of that shape using play dough.

3. Add plants to your garden or animals to your island.

4. How many plants can you fit in your garden or animals on your island?

5. Play the Geogarden game either before or after the provocation.




Tundra Trek (Grade 2)

Materials needed:

• Shape riddle cards

• Geoboards and elastics


1. Choose a shape riddle card from the pile.

2. Try to solve your riddle using the geoboards and elastics on the table. 

3. Check your answers with a friend or a teacher to see if you solved the riddle!

4. Play the Tundra Trek game either before or after the provocation.


Consolidation: Take a look at the “mPower Feature and Curriculum” overview. How would you use the mPower games to create other centres/provocations? Use the math centres planning chart and examples provided to create other centres for your classroom


Grade 1 Provocation Task Card


Grade 2 Provocation Task Card


Fish Image (Kinder)


Space Ship Image (Kinder)


Polar Bear Example


Polar Bear Example (Grades 1-3)


Plant and Flowers (Grades 1-3)


mPower Feature and Curriculum overview