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Book Choices




It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boyd attempts to answer hard questions about teens and social networking.  This book club will have weekly discussions based on the 8 chapters of the book.


Following the 8 weeks, we will spend 2 weeks reading media relating to the book's issues that expand on boyd's ideas.


Start: The week of January 11, 2016

End: The end of March, 2016


Facilitated by: Alanna King


Participants will be required to purchase, borrow or download their own copy of the book.


A PDF version of the book is available here and many copies are available at your local library or large chain bookstores.






Creating Thinking Classrooms by Garfield Gini-Newman & Roland Case. This book supports teachers and educational leaders in their efforts to navigate the diverse opportunities and challenges of current reform initiatives. Leading educational change for a 21st century world involves a focus on three important shifts involving nine core ideas:

  • Shift #1: reorient the foundational beliefs about teaching and learning from the mindset of a discovery or didactic classroom to that of a thinking classroom.
  • Shift #2: refocus attention on more enriched versions of the three traditional educational goals, moving from fostering knowledge to deep understanding, from skills to real-life competencies and from attitudes to genuine commitments.
  • Shift #3: align teaching practices with five key principles of 21st century learning. These guiding principles are to engage students, sustain inquiry, nurture self-regulated learners, create assessment-rich learning and enhance learning through digital technology.




There are many practical examples one might use within the book for all grades. Through discussion teachers will be able to generate ways to develop critical thinking skills in their students.  Teachers will be asked to try a suggestion from the book and report back on the challenges or successes.


Start: The week of January 11, 2016

End: The end of March, 2016


Facilitated by: Melissa Jensen


Participants will be required to purchase their own copy of the book.


The book is available for purchase here.




Stay tuned...More books to come!