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    TVOKids supports the student’s individual love for learning, by providing visual and virtual aids. Students are able to watch “edutainment” videos as well as participate in online gaming to support their curiosity.


    TVOKids receives 2 million monthly views of kid’s content available on the YouTube TVOKids app. We have also received 21 Daytime Emmy Award Nominations for the high-quality educational programs we showcase.


    TVOKids is copyrighted, to allow schools to access the site without any issues. As a free resource, it can be used in schools, classrooms and sent home to parents.


    Take a few minutes to explore Jot down your initial thoughts.


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    Follow the link to; explore the following shows/activities;

    1. Spelling Fleas
    2. Odd Squad
    3. Body Battle
      • How might each of these provide useful to the students you encounter?
      • How might educators use these resources inside and outside the classroom?
      • What Curricular connections can you make?


    Find 3 other educational games and/or videos that you think would be useful to students and educators





    Now that you have had some time to explore TVO Kids, reflect on how you might use these resources in your program and how might you encourage the use of these resources by your staff and community. Post your reflection here.