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    Funded by the Ontario government and administered by TVO, Mathify is a FREE math resource for students in grades 7 – 10 math learners in Ontario. This new and innovative platform provides a seamless learning experience through an enriched classroom tool combined with live after-school math tutoring.


    1. Tutor Chat
      • TVOMathify offers free, live one-on-one tutoring with Ontario certified teachers five days a week (Sunday to Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm ET).
      • Tutors work with students on an interactive whiteboard, text chat or audio chat until students understand their math question.
    2. Personalized math portfolio
      • Students' tutoring sessions are automatically recorded and stored in their digital math portfolio.
    3. Educator Resources
      • Mathify offers educators an enriched classroom tool that enables interactive math lessons and activities, personalized learning, and easy sharing among teachers, students and tutors to facilitate seamless learning and math support for students.
      • Easily integrate all strands of math, Gr 7-10 including mathematical process expectations into learning and teaching with Mathify whiteboards and suite of tools.



    • REGISTER for an Educator account by following the steps below. Registering allows you 24/7access to whiteboards, resources, and tools.
    • GO TO


    a) Click " REGISTER."

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    b) Click " Educator "

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    c) Complete the form and provide a Board Certified email address.

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    • TAKE A TOUR of Mathify, now that you have registered for an educator account, you can explore.
      1. You can take the "Guided Tour"Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.26.58 PM.png
      2. Once you have completed the "Guided Tour":
        1. Start Session
        2. On your new whiteboard
          • Explore the tools Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.39.49 PM.png
            • Add a shape, draw, add a photo of your math question or type
          • Check out the Math Glossary

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    • Answer this Grade 7 Fractions question in Mathify
    • Try the easy Single Sign On access to Mathify from inside the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) by D2L . Ask for a demo user account to log into the VLE.





    Respond to the following question:

    1. How might you use TVO MATHIFY to support Student Learning in Mathematics?


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