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Minds On


TVO makes it easy for you to enhance in-class learning with in-depth Current Affairs, thought-provoking Documentaries, and award-winning TVOkids content. Discover new and interactive ways you can inspire curiosity, exploration, growth and learning in your students. Find what you like and bring TVO into your lessons today!


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  • Search Goal: Looking for content that highlights making friends
    • Division: Early Learners/Kindergarten
    • Subject area: Belonging and Contributing
    • Keywords: Friends


  • Search Goal: Looking for content that features family relationships
    • Division: 1-3
    • Subject area: Social Studies
    • Keywords: Families


  • Search Goal: Looking for content that highlights Indigenous Peoples of Canada
    • Division: 4-6
    • Subject area: Social Studies
    • Keywords: Indigenous Studies


  • Search Goal: In a media studies class, looking for to explore resources about how music affects us in preparation for planning an activity

    • Division: 9-12

    • Subject area: English

    • Keywords: music


  • Search Goal: Looking for a video to use as a Minds – On about the history of Parliament in Canada for a Grade 10 Civics class
    • Division: Secondary 9 - 12
    • Subject Area: Canadian and World Studies
    • Keywords: parliament


  • Search Goal: Looking for some content to explore the effects of climate change.

    • Division: 9-12

    • Subject area: Science

    • Keywords: extinction


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