How Students can Access Mathify & Connect to a Tutor: Student View

Version 1

    Step 1 - Student Logs into Mathify at (using Chrome works best)


    Step 2 - You can view the Guided Tour of the main features of Mathify. Hint: Any time you want to see it again, just click on the TVOMathify logo at the top of the screen.



    Step 2 - Click on icon in top right corner of the screen and select Whiteboard





    Step 3 - Write and draw the question (and possibly the solution)



    Here are some sample math questions that you can load into Mathify after you have created an account - give them a try!



    Step 4 - Click on the “Choose a Tutor” button near the top right corner of the screen


    Step 5 - Select an available tutor (Sun to Thur - 5:30pm to 9:30pm) by clicking on the “Connect” button


    Step 6 - Wait in line until tutor accepts your invite



    Step 7 - Choose Browser Based Audio, Phone Audio, or No Audio (if you choose Browser Based Audio, the system will ask to use your microphone. If you choose Phone Audio you will need to enter a phone number which the Mathify will call at no cost to you)



    Step 8 - You are connected to the tutor

    Step 9 - Text chat - click on the chat icon to expand the text chat tool