How can Mathify be used in the Classroom?

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Promoting the use of Mathify as a classroom resource

Mathify is so much more than just a tutoring site! The challenge is to show that to both teachers and students.


One way that you can do that is to have students and teachers use the links to the sample whiteboards once they have create their accounts. They can choose from the following:



Grade 7 Granola Bar Fractions question with link to whiteboard:


Grade 7 whiteboard - volume of a cylinder:

Grade 8 whiteboard - fraction question:

Grade 9 whiteboard - angles -

Grade 10 whiteboard - similar triangles -


Another way that you can help teachers see how to use Mathify in the classroom is to share these two scenarios:


1. Mathify provides an interactive whiteboard where teachers and students can use a number of tools to work on math questions. A teacher, for example could use their whiteboard to demonstrate a lesson on how to add fractions. (See how to add a question to a whiteboard) They could project this to the class by having their computer connected to a digital projector. After they have saved that whiteboard to their “My Stuff”, they could share that whiteboard on how to add fractions by copying the URL and posting it in their blended learning environment of choice (VLE, Google Classroom, OneNote, etc.) Students can then open the link in their Mathify accounts, which creates a copy of the teacher’s whiteboard in the students’ “My Stuff” area. The teacher has shared the lesson with her students, and the students now have a copy of the notes in their My Stuff area – which they can annotate with their own reflections.


2. Another possible method would be for a teacher to create a math problem in a whiteboard, save it, and then send the link to the problem to his students (see how to get a link to a whiteboard). Students can make a copy of the whiteboard in their Mathify account, work out a solution in that copy, save it to their “My Stuff” area in Mathify and then share it back to the teacher by copying the URL of the whiteboard from their “My Stuff”. Here is a link to such a scenario:



In this second example, if the student is working on the problem after school, they can also connect with a Mathify tutor, and check their understanding. Here is a recording that you can play that shows a student completing the question and then connecting to a tutor:


3. For students who are struggling with a Math concept, ask them to create a whiteboard with their question, and then connect to a tutor for one-on-one help in the evening. Follow up with them the next day. Also provide that suggestion to the parents.