Welcome to the mPower Community!

Blog Post created by leah.kearney on Apr 5, 2017

Welcome mPower 3-6 educators to the mPower Community (mPower Community    #TVOmPower) on TeachOntario, we are delighted that you have joined us!


This is a space where educators can explore resources, ask questions and share best practices on how mPower is being used in the classroom. We want to thank you for your involvement in the mPower 3-6 pilot, over 5000 students participated and the feedback has been invaluable. We are proud to share this game with the province and are excited to see how our young mathematicians respond to the rich learning and STEM challenges that are such a huge part of mPower 3-6.


Our mPower Community on TeachOntario offers additional tools such as Educator Guides, Community Discussions and multimedia resources to support your mPower adventure. We encourage you to join the mPower Community on TeachOntario!  Simply click the drop down menu under Actions and select Join Group.  Joining the group means that you will not miss out on any new mPower resources or mPower tips that are shared!




To begin, please introduce yourself in this discussion: Introduce yourself and chat with others using mPower!


We look forward to learning alongside you!


Regards, mPower Team