Thinking about young scientists

Blog Post created by mr.b on May 31, 2018

We came upon a quote this past summer while reading E. O. Wilson's Letters to a Young Scientist, in which, among other things, the author reflects on the experiences that planted the seeds of his fascination with scientific phenomena and offers advice to prospective scientists of the future:


"I will repeat my conviction that you will become most devoted to research and science...

through images and stories that have affected you early...say from nine or ten years

of age through the teenage years...."


This quotation struck us as an excellent articulation of what we hope our TLLP project can accomplish in the lives of our students.  We are bringing our students together with undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs and faculty from McMaster University -- individuals who share with the children their fascination for science and scientific phenomena.  These interactions are intended to provide experiences which -- like those Wilson recalls in his book, spark in our students an appreciation for and engagement with scientific inquiry as a vehicle for exploring and understanding the world.


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