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community.manager mentioned Improving the Math Mindset Through Mathematical Leadership and STEM Discovery 4 days ago Show mention context
Part 1:  Lego in the Classroom 1.  Present Slides 2.  Work through material.  Investigate the web pages.    Share findings with group. 3.  Plan a lesson.  Share pictures and a brief description in TLLP Walsh Sharing Notebook.   Part 2:  Lego WeDo 2.0 1.  Present Slides… (Show more)
Day Two of the TLLP involved working with your division partners and learning about Bee-Bots and Spheros.   Part 1:  What are Bee-Bots? 1. Present Slides… 2.  Work through material.  Investigate the web pages.    Share… (Show more)
Our project was shared and created in Microsoft OneNote.  The blog will highlight much of the learning that was collected over the days of collaboration with the staff.   Part 1:  What is a TLLP?    Visit our Sway.   Part 2:  What is coding? 1. Present Coding Slides… (Show more)