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Getting friends involved with communication only helps everyone and the kids think it is really cool! Teaching classmates how a students communication device works will make for some awesome communication partners. This photo shows two boys are learning to navigate a non-verbal students eyegaze system with the help of the Educational Assistant.


peers helping.JPG

A simple way to include non-verbal students into your lesson is project their way to communicate on to the screen and model communication! You don't have to use the talker for every word but think about what the entire class can learn through this simple thing. Let all students give it a try also! Once you start you will wonder why you never did this before! Be kind to yourself, have courage and give it a try.IMG_3642.JPG


Selfie with eyegaze technology

Posted by leslies Feb 24, 2019

Calum's first selfie, he took it all by himself using his eyegaze computer, how cool is that!



Wait Time and EyeGaze

Posted by leslies Feb 23, 2019

Wait time between preprogramed phrases and constructing their own. Wait time is so important and can be a road block for many non-verbal kids, by the time they get out what they wanted to say many people have already moved on. Calum shows you the difference between preprogrammed phrases and when he has to construct a sentence on his own.