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                    Being part of Holy Cross's TLLP team has been a blessing. Being around like minded individuals who's desire to utilize available funded tech is vey exciting!!!  However, as excited as I may, my initial steps "into the tech fire" so to speak have been rather heated.  I have been trouble shooting our iPad lab at our school and much to my dismay our school board has only provided selected apps teachers may access.  I understand that when rolling out tech, you want to limit the amount of accessibility at first so ICT will not get boggled down with various product issue or that various apps need appropriate licensing etc.  However, as a member of the iPad pilot project and serendipitously, our TLLP team, this is super frustrating since a few web based apps are not fully functional on mobile devices.  This of course limits the potential utilization of the tech and potential learning opportunities within the classroom.  It ultimately breaks done the efficiency of the tech, one of the sole reasons most people utilize tech, is because it allows the educated user to receive quicker production than the typical traditional academic activities.


                   Personally, I have made attempts in rectifying the issues, I have become increasingly  frustrated with our ICT department.  I know they are not to blame for this issue in it's entirety, but I mean if your going to roll out a tech pilot project, especially in the 21st century at least have the foresight to allow participants in the project to modify as necessary.  We can jailbreak an iPhone in seconds, but a school broad can't allow access to one respresentative per school to modify it's application suite to better suit the needs of its users.  I believe that certain tech savvy teachers need to be given more access to the tech, since we are the ones on the front lines.  Now I get the other side of the coin as well.  This could lead to a plethora of other legal issues, but how much better could the tech be if we could utilize 100 percent of it's potential rather than 70 percent?  Apps like mathletics could motivate the competitive student within the classroom rather than the soccer field.  Apps like SeeSaw can allow teachers to share instantly with parents, their children's work achievement.


                    As much as I love utilizing tech in the classroom and thrilled I am to get an iPad lab for our school, I guess I have get through the headaches first!!!  Hopefully, my TLLP undertaking with Office 365 is much less cumbersome and the application suite on our broad iPads are@ revised.   Teacher Learning & Leadership Program (TLLP)Effective Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age - @HCTLLPShare

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