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Endless Possibilities

Posted by jencassatodd Apr 20, 2016


Hi everyone,


My name is Jennifer Casa-Todd and I am a new Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora. I am thrilled to be back at a school after having worked as a Program Resource Teacher and Literacy Consultant 7-12 for the passed 6 years.  Before that, I taught high school English, Special Education, Cooperative Education, Religious Education


I am passionate about student voice, global collaboration, and empowering students to use technology and social media to become Digital Leaders. I am currently enrolled in a Curriculum and Technology Masters program at UOIT, with a research focus on Social Media in Education. I am also in the process of writing a book which will be published in the Spring by Dave Burgess Consulting.


My blog is a place where I reflect on my learning, write out some of my research findings and musings, and share ideas for global collaboration. It will also be the place that will house supplementary resources for the book. I called it Endless possibilities because as teachers, I truly believe we can inspire our students to reach great heights and the possibilities for them are endless if we believe in them and support them.


I am grateful for anyone who stops by to read a post, as I know how busy everyone is. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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