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The 10 day challenges in both PQP Part I and Part II certainly allowed me to think and
reflect upon the use of technology in my classroom today, and how it can be
used effectively as a future administrator. Twitter was one platform that I was
using beforehand, however through the course work and 10 day challenges, I
realize its value in creating and maintaining PLNs and creating a collaborative
learning environment. Digital literacy was also a major theme throughout the 10
day challenge and how we can develop this skill in our schools. Through some of
the challenges a began to recognize the importance of creating a learning space
where students can become more digitally literate. Skills like
the ability to read and

interpret media during media literacy lessons or the ability to reproduce data and images
through digital manipulation through stop motion animation projects, the more
opportunity we give our students to develop these skills, the better they will
be prepared for the future. Creating collaborative learning spaces with teacher
colleagues and administrators through twitter, google docs, and blogs will help
to consistently move staff forward in the ever-changing digital world. As a
lead learner, it is important that we meet teachers and other staff where they
are, and then help to move them forward. The use of technology can often be
overwhelming and frustrating for some, so it is crucial that we support these
individuals every step of the way. When we do this we are not only helping them
become more digitally literate, but we are building positive and professional
relationships that will no doubt pay dividends in future learning and

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