Learning to pivot to a more literate, digitally capable education system

Blog Post created by tk1ng on Jun 4, 2020



I've been battling the demons inherent in how remote learning has been rolling out in Ontario since this all kicked off:  Dusty World: Surviving First Contact With The Enemy  


Doctors Verena Roberts' and Bryan Sanders' Learning to Pivot weekly webcast has been helpful in expanding my thinking around the pedagogy (or the lack thereof) implicit in our approach.  When you're struggling to reach students deep in crisis, many of whom are also experiencing workplace abuse, you tend to lose the forest for the trees.  Especially when the system seems intent on following the simplest management route by throwing an elearning blanket over everything and then saying it's up to teachers who may (or more likely) may not have the digital skills or tools needed to make it work.  Remembering that pedagogy should be driving our choices is easily forgotten in this chaos.


I've been trying to work out the logistics of a meaningful pivot in Ontario education to a viable remote learning process, and that's where I'm reflecting this week:


Dusty World: How to Pivot Ontario Education to Prepare for The Next Wave 

Ontario Education Resiliency Office