Remote Learning Opportunities from Taking IT Global

Blog Post created by brenda.sherry on Apr 19, 2020
Taking IT Global is an Ontario based not-for-profit organization that has been empowering youth and supporting educators for 20 years. peter.skillen and I are involved in a project called Code To Learn in partnership with Cisco, Deloitte, FCL, and LCSI.  I'm also involved in the Connected North program, which usually serves mainly remote and/or Indigenous northern communities, and now also has a remote learning format that all teachers and students can currently enjoy. 
Here's what you need to know and follow for continued content: 
We have moved our programs into the '@home' versions to accommodate remote learning with CodetoLearn@home and ConnectedNorth@home content for students - both live and through video recordings. We are also beginning to build in some teacher professional learning sessions. 
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Many more program resources are also here on


  • ConnectedNorth@home - Sessions for this week -  - ***NEW You will also notice an Additional Resource Tab on the website. This connects you to other content from our providers that is often available in .pdf versions for lessons, extensions and information for students packets if the videos are too internet dependent. 
  • ConnectedNorth@home - Video Recordings thus far - 
As mentioned above, we are also introducing several PD sessions for teachers and one this week that I would highly recommend to help you plan for remote learning is Using Interactive Choice Boards on Tuesday, April 21 at 4:00 pm - Click to join here: I can't wait to be learning from Melanie and Tina this week!
Teachers! How do we provide learning experiences that appeal to a variety of learners and connect multiple subject areas when students are learning from home? How do we offer students and families options in how they engage in and demonstrate learning? Interactive choice boards/grids might be a place to start! During this session, Ontario educators tinazita and mulcasterm will show us why and how they are using common digital presentation tools to design creative and engaging places for students to begin their learning. Suitable for any area: themes, inquiry, content topics, curated activities.