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Class Messenger -- Online Agenda

                            Posted by Maria Fava in Effective Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age - @HCTLLP on Oct 16, 2015 1:27:50 PM                                             


Sifting through the heaps of resources that Emile (noproblem) kindly sent, I have to admit it was a little overwhelming. There are just so many great resources, I wanted to try them all out! But some were not age appropriate for my grade 8 students and also I actually function better when I do something called sleep! So I needed to figure out which would be most useful for my class right now.


Enter Class Messenger . This "online agenda" is a great idea as it includes both students and parents. Long gone are the days where the response, "I don't have any," follows the question, "What do you have for homework?" This site allows teachers to not only post reminders about school activities or tests -- it also allows for documents to be uploaded so that parents are aware of exactly what work is being done and by uploading the rubric, parents will also be aware of what the expectations are.


I believe Class Messenger can be a game changer if used often and properly. Any message that I post on the site will be sent to parents and students via email or text (or both). I'm hoping that this works out because I can definitely see myself using this in the future as well. I'm also pretty sure that my students may find it amusing (or annoying) that their teacher is sending them homework reminders during the evening when they thought they'd be free of me!



class messenger.JPG


I definitely want to explore other resources that were given to us, but I think this is a good start.