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As our group begins planning the approach to our project, we find ourselves asking some big and messy questions that are not easily answered. Some of the things we are wondering include:

1. To what extent should technology drive our project?

2. How are we going to gather evidence of our learning?

3. How do we manage a project effectively that spans 3 or 4 subject areas in secondary classrooms?

4. What methods have others used to collect and manage student assessment data electronically?


So many questions......

This is my professional blog.  I use it to share my thoughts related to core French, technology and how I am using technology with my students to redefine their learning.  We will use it next year to share the progress of our TLLP project which is focusing on collaborating on ways to incorporate iPads into the Core French classroom to improve student engagement and to improve oral communication. 


Here is the link to my website:


We are a team of secondary teachers from Thunder Bay who have been fortunate enough to receive a TLLP grant for 2015-16. Our project involves exploring potential formats (electronic and traditional) for developing student portfolios for the purpose of assessment as and for learning with an emphasis on student metacognition and goal-setting. It is our hope to document our learning journey here.

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