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Making Shift Happen

Posted by raine Mar 5, 2015

Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to hear Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs (from Curriculum 21) speak on 21st Century Teaching and Learning. Inspired by her talk, I decided to start a blog as a way of making my learning visible as a classroom teacher. As my role in education has changed, so has my blog. One thing that remains constant is the purpose of the blog - it remains a reflective space where I can make my learning visible both for myself and others. I titled my blog "Making Shift Happen" because I believe that we are experiencing a very exciting time in education, we are on the cusp of transformation. But what exactly that transformation will and should look like is still very much open to exploration. It involves a definite shift from a focus on teaching to a focus on learning.


Making Shift Happen



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