Spelling Help for Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners

Blog Post created by teachontarioteam on Apr 21, 2015

iStock_000005399984XSmall.jpgKids who are bodily-kinesthetic learners like to learn by touch and feel, and they may not want to sit still long enough for a traditional spelling lesson.

Here are some hands-on activities you can try to get them spelling:

Adapted from "Spelling: Connecting the Pieces" by Ruth McQuirter Scott and Sharon Siamon.

  • Cut out letters from felt or sandpaper. Have your child practise spelling and feeling the words.
  • Kids can use "wipe off" crayons on a plastic placemat to write the words and wipe them off again.
  • Have your child draw pictures around a word that say something about the meaning of the word.
  • Use letter tiles from Scrabble or Boggle to form words.
  • Have your child trace words on your back or on the carpet with their finger. Have them say each letter that they trace.
  • Use alphabet magnets, stampers or cards to spell words.
  • Roll out pieces of clay and have your child take a sharp pencil and print a word in the clay.
  • Have your child type out words on a keyboard.
  • To teach spelling rules like, "I before E, except after C," and "E before I when the word says the sound a as in neighbour and weigh" use cards on which a variety of these words are written. Have your child sort the words into piles and look at what rules apply-- I before E or E before I.

Remember to talk to your child's teacher about the words your child is learning at school and try to use words your child would hear every day.