Try This Number Trick from Mathemagic: Number Tricks

Blog Post created by teachontarioteam on Apr 20, 2015

mathemagic.jpgTry out this number trick with your kids from Lynda Colgan's Mathemagic Number Tricks!

1. Ask your partner to think of any secret number, preferably a small number, and keep it private.

2. Now ask them to double that number.

3. Then they should add 8 and divide by 2.

4. Then subtract their original number from this new number.

5. Now instruct them to find the letter in the alphabet that corresponds with that number, for instance 1 = A, 2 = B.

6. Now ask them to think of a country name that starts with that letter.

7. Now ask them to identify the second letter in that country name and use it to think of the name of an animal.

8. Finally, ask them to think of a colour of that animal.

9. Have them say their answer aloud and it should be Grey Elephants in Denmark.