Civics for Kids: Culture and Identity

Blog Post created by teachontarioteam on Apr 17, 2015

civics_culture&identity_411x362.jpgWe've teamed up with the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust (CCLET) to create civics scenarios to help kids, parents and teachers have conversations about civics-related issues. We encourage parents and teachers to take 15 minutes out of your day to tell kids a story and ask the questions below. There are no rules except to be open to everyone’s ideas and remember there are no right answers. Feel free to come up with your own questions, and please share what you learned in the comments below. In this installment of our series, we tackle how to talk to your child about the connection between culture and identity -- how things like skin colour, where we are born, and the language we speak can influence how people see us, and how we see others.




My child's other parent and I come from two different parts of the world. We identify as coming from different races. Recently, our child has become interested in this and wants to know how to identify herself. Sometimes people ask her, "what are you?" She wants to know what to say.