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Choose a comic, either from the online selection, or a print version from the library. How might you share this with your class? As a read-aloud? As a guided reading session? As a book club? Try it and share the results in the thread below.
Read one of the online comics available in the Recommended Comics resource. Be sure to also read the rules on comics for course use. Below, analyze your reading process. What did you read first? What held your attention longer? Was there anything you missed the first time you read it? Be sure to check back to comment on others' contributions.
What criticisms of graphic novels have you heard in the past? How can you provide a response that best suits the target audience, while possibly incorporating the qualitative and quantitative data that exists? Share your suggestions below and be sure to check back to comment on others' contributions.
Click to view contentWelcome to Panels, Gutters & Bubbles: Introduction to Comics for Educators!   Post your avatar in a response to this discussion thread below and tell us about yourself and what brought you to this course.   Be sure to also include some details about yourself, such as: Who are you? Where/what are you teaching? What intrigued you to take this… (Show more)
Mention a title that you’ve seen or heard about that you aren’t too sure whether or not it “counts” as a comic or graphic novel. Click to add the category Discussions: What is a comic? to your thread. And be sure to read and comment on others' contributions to this discussion. Is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series a graphic novel? What about the Tank… (Show more)