Makerspace at Camilla

Blog Post created by maureenmcg on Oct 29, 2016

What was your biggest “aha” moment?  Too many to mention---so much student engagement and enthusiasm-- am so grateful for all the support and direction from Mel and colleagues!

- What does making mean to you? Has your opinion changed? Was always a fan, but not an expert...still not, but that's okay!  I know way more now than I did before and that's what I want my students to experience!

- How will making impact your teaching practice? It will impact it daily, continuously . logistically, financially as we bring more and more staff members into the maker community

- What projected obstacles might you face? What is your plan for action? Time, space and money, as usual. Weeding, renovating, collaborating should do the trick...and lots of admin support!

- What burning questions do you still have? Some grade 8s who are new to this have a tough time exploring and thinking about what they are interested in while grade 6s just seem to dive right in. Can't help but wonder about the impact of our constant instruction on their independence? Can't wait to see the impact of this over time!

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