Makespace - Making for 21st Century Learning

Blog Post created by adn_naik on Aug 23, 2016

Last whole year I heard the word “Makerspace” so many times and every time I heard it, I wanted to learn about it but didn’t know when I will get a chance for that. Thanks to Twitter and a learner coach who twitted about this course and I grabbed the opportunity! I must say that I enjoyed learning from all the modules. I did some things that I always was reluctant to do and thought was not my cup of tea. My biggest “aha” moment was when I actually knitted following the videos.  Before this course, I was guessing that Makerspace must be something with making and building and must be something exciting. I am glad that my guess was right! I am looking forward to making a Maker station in our library commons and also share this learning with my colleagues and promote Makerspace for learning. Projected obstacles are funds, time and space. I will prepare a proposal for my administrator to have  Makerspace in our school explaining how it can impact learning , how it helps developing 21st century learning skills to our students and also some fundraising ideas to collect funds. In my role as a partner in action as a librarian, I will try to co-plan lessons which will include meaningful making and co-teach those lessons, thus promoting Makerspace.

I am so excited about all the things that I learned through all the resources and all the making activities that were planned for us.

Melanie it was a wonderful experience! The course was very well laid out and you made everything look so easy. I am looking forward to staying in touch and learning many more new things from such a maker expert like you. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with and from all the members our Makerspace learning community during the past two weeks!

Following is my collage that I made using studio application on my phone camera.