MakerSpace Module 10 Reflection

Blog Post created by s_whit on Aug 15, 2016

- What was your biggest “aha” moment?

My biggest 'aha' moment was the realization that I have a much greater comfort, capacity and excitement for the non-tech making activities. I could physically and mentally feel a difference in my connection to the different types of activities. My excitement and engagement and confidence levels were much higher for non-tech, but I will say, the high tech activities intrigued me and I see great value and merit. I recognize I need to explore more and not judge myself so hard or worry so much.


- What does making mean to you? Has your opinion changed?

To me making means finding self fulfillment and purpose in creating regardless of tools and/or platform. My opinion has changed greatly... Because of this course, I see that there is great value in creating... Creating benefits individual and society and directly contributes to the advancement of both self and society.


- How will making impact your teaching practice?

I've always had a hap-hazard, unstructured approach to making... I have promoted 'creating', but too loosely and too unstructured. I love how each module was presented in 'three part lesson' format. I will adopt this strategy in my classroom... Thank you for all the video links and amazing modelling.


- What projected obstacles might you face? What is your plan for action?

Obstacles = Time... Money... Focus...

Plan = One step at time... Ask families and School Council to donate... Be mindful of what my students and I are feeling and achieving.


- What burning questions do you still have?

Time, money, curricular connections. I found the pace intense. That said, I've been trying to read two separate books on mindset, set up my new classroom for my new teaching assignment, vacation (away part of the course) and complete as many modules as possible... Sometimes in a half committed manner, but I wanted a snapshot and taste of as many elements as possible. So I suppose my greatest question is:


My answer is:

I don't... Take one step at a time... And hope that the course remains on-line for a long time to come, because it is a treasure trove! Thanks so much Mel, fellow participants and TeachOntario!