The Association for Computer Studies Education

Blog Post created by teachontario.team on Feb 1, 2018

CustomLogo (1).jpgBy Peter Beens

President of the ACSE


The Association for Computer Studies Education (ACSE) is a non-profit province-wide professional association dedicated to supporting Computer Studies (ICS) and Computer Technology (TEJ) education in Ontario. Our mandate is to provide multi-faceted support for educators and students by providing a unified voice for Computer Studies and Computer Technology teachers, improving information sharing across the secondary level, facilitating dialogue with colleges and universities, facilitating dialogue with business and industry, creating new opportunities for teacher training, and supporting the development of teaching resources. To join our mail list or learn about our annual conference, please visit us at www.acse.net.


Note: with “coding” becoming so prevalent in elementary schools the past few years, we are beginning to expand our mandate by including relevant K-8 presentations in our annual conference. See the link above for details.


Additional Note (from Steve Floyd): I have been a part of the ACSE mail list and an attendee and presenter at past ACSE conferences. This is a wonderful organization and I would encourage all teachers interested in coding, computational thinking, computing and computer studies to visit their site and consider joining their mail list and attending their conference.