Pre-survey on the Use of Technology

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Gabriel Ayyavoo

Posted on Apr 10, 2015


1. What Apps are you comfortable using? The responses were interesting to the types of Apps students were comfortable with.


An overwhelming result of 87% of the Science students were using Prezi and equally 89% were using Edmodo comfortably. The initial results indicate that students come into the senior courses with an ability to use Apps. Apparently, the focus has been the use of Apps for school work. Despite teenagers tendency listen to music, it seems that 21% tend to use this App to relax. The need to use technology for school task or assignment is a priority.chart.png


2. Below is a list of 4 skills. Of the four, choose one (1) that you think is your strongest skill.


The following results indicate science students’ perception on skills.


These senior science students felt that collaboration is ranked the strongest skill. The senior students having been in the school for at least three years clearly depicted that communication were ranked average. By Communications, students understood its definition to being able to share ideas and feelings clearly. Yet Senior Science students’ being competitive tends to be private about their work. This is predicative from this initial survey where students tend to keep their feelings to themselves.


3.     When asked about choosing the skills that they found to be most challenging in terms of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. The results are shown here:

Within the science courses, students found critical thinking to be one that needed most support. By these they are looking at the need to solve problems. Communication is still an average issue for these students.


4. The next question is: What are the challenge(s) that you have faced when working in groups?


Some of the challenges include unequal distribution of work load from within the group, lack of skills in a particular activity and availability for meetings. These were some of the repeating comments that posed challenges for senior students working in group settings. The next question is to overcome the challenges.chart (1).png


5. How have you overcome the challenge(s) you've faced in working in groups.


A number of strategies were suggested by students.  These included: being confident, the students were able to overcome these challenges. By confident, the students felt that they could discuss and spread the work evenly. By being optimistic and open minded as one student mentions, certainly such an attitude supports students building a character to support group learning. The final question includes the feeling of tech use in classroom.


6. How do you feel about using technology (i.e. iPad, cell phone, computer) to help you learn in your science class?

They are comfortable using Edmodo and PowerPoint, in their classes as well

They felt learning was made easier as the technology was beneficial. It was used to obtain pictures, definitions that they had no understanding for and it especially was useful in learning difficult concepts.

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