Michael Fullan and Deep Learning

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deep_learning_400x300.jpgSarah Michaelis

Nov 3, 2014


In an interview with Michael Fullan on the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Project: "We need to shift from superficial homage to 21st century skills to implementing learning goals relevant to the new era," he says. Because "students find schooling increasingly boring as they proceed across the grades. Studies from many countries show that among high school students less than 40% of upper secondary students are intellectually engaged (Jenkins, 2013; Willms et al., 2009). And, not unrelated, signs of teacher frustration are growing. For example, in the U.S the percentage of teachers who are satisfied with teaching has plummeted from 65% to 38% from 2008 to 2012. Teachers and students are psychologically if not literally being pushed out of school."

The solution? A global whole system reform to achieve deep learning. "Any learning solution that could achieve deep learning would have to do four things: it would need to be irresistibly engaging for both students and teachers, it would have to be elegantly efficient and easy to access and use, technology would be ubiquitous 24/7 and it would be steeped in real-life problem solving." Thoughts?

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